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Lovemore S Mutenge from Zambia message

Lovemore S Mutenge from Zambia message
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First and for most, I Happy to be part of this competition. I am looking forward to do better that I achieve the price in this race. My conscious are very well positive because I have won already. Confidently I am just waiting for the day of announcement. For the love of God I know I deserve it. God is merciful.

My car of interest is Toyota IST , to me it’s more than a raid miles away from here. It’s a well balanced and very stable car. Japanese cars are always perfect on the road. Who ever drives a Japanese vehicle sticks to it, again and again. perfectly. Members of the public, I would advise everyone to go for Japanese cars. Always is to feel great and enjoy the Journey. My faith keeps me moving with confidence of winning.

For the greatest honor and a good remembrance from Japan, I’m gladly to mention it that you are creating a great happiness in my life. Am humbly to mention it also that you are the best. Japanese people you are the top world supplier of vehicles more especially in Africa. Keep on putting smiles on people’s faces with happiness.

Regardless of everything, Adding inspection /jevic when buying a vehicle from Japan is an added advantage to best vehicle anyone would want to have. Anyone wouldn’t regret having a car from Japan. It is because I’ve tried it and it benefited me. Try your lucky everyone.

My conscious is determined and confident that this is my Time to win a car from Japan. My mind is totally convinced for this special one. No matter what it takes!! Heaven is open for me this time around. Am always on my link to upgrade my points. It’s really making me feel happy at the rate my points are moving. Confidently with great faith. I will Cross the bridge.

Those are my humble words. Thank you so much. We really appreciate the support you lender worldwide.
God bless Japan. Thanks again for lending us this race of a competition.


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