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Liveness Chalira from Malawi message

Liveness Chalira from Malawi message
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I have always loved Japanese cars, because of the up to date technology that they use, and also the relatively affordable maintenance after the initial purchase. And the range of cars is extensive, there are so many cars to choose from, we are spoilt for choice. Japanese used cars are the way to go for affordable and fuel efficient cars! Not to mention that mileages are always very low at the time of purchase. My first car was a Japanase car, Toyota Corolla and I drove it till I was tired of it, no mechanical fault, no breakdowns. I felt I needed a new car and guess what after 10 years of my most trusted Toyota Corolla, I bought another Toyota, this time a used Toyota Land Cruiser. I passed on my old Toyota Corolla to my sister and she still drives it today. No one beats Japanese cars!

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