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Linda Kachulu from Malawi message

Linda Kachulu from Malawi message
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Growing up in one of thw worlds poorest nation is not as tough as it sound,we seem not to care of what people call luxurious things as we are content with what we have.In my 22years of life I have never seen people care for cars or have the desire to own cars as in the past 6 or so years.I wondered on what has made people to care for this cars then I realised that it was all because of used cars from Japan not only were they selling good durable cars but they were also affordable this made me follow them as I yearn for an opportunity to own one someday.Cars fromu Japan has given people business as some people are now buying and resswlling them,cars from Japan has made travelling easy,used cars from Japan has made it possible for us to advance and move with the world I would really like ro be associated with such a brand.A brand that I know is into making and changing peoples lives to be better. to to own one someday. tthen I rralised

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