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Linah Wairimu Kihara from Kenya message

Linah Wairimu Kihara from Kenya message
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My name is Linah Wairimu Kihara and this is the reason why you should pick me as a winner. I will be the first person in my immidiate family to own a Car From Japan and it will be the first car that will ever be in possesion of my family. Ever since i was born 23 years ago we have never had car and it will be great to finally have a car of my own that me and my parents and brothers can use and have easy access to without bothering relatives especially when travelling to see our old grandmother.
I also researched and found out that a Japanese used car still looks new as it is not ussually used for a long time.cars from japan are really very low in mileage with great maintenance and care same as brand new for years.
Also Japanese car manufacturers are using best steel and materials, components to protect from different weather conditions and damage which means that if I win the car it will survive the wether and roads here in kenya.
A Car From Japan will mean that i will have a high quality car as my first car and also I will act as an ambassador for Japanese Used Car here in kenya and people will want to also buy the cars because they will envy My car on the road as I cruise by.
The last but not least reason as to why I should win a Car From Japan is because it would make going to work easier for me. I travel 40 kilometeres each day for 6 days in a week heading to and from work and it is quite tiring travelling by bus seating 4 people in a space meant for 3 people. Also sometimes i may miss the bus and i end up taking a taxi which is so expensive. But having a car will mean that I will never be late for work or any other event that i may get invited for.
And that is why I LOVE JAPANESE USED CAR!!!

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