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Lin Sambili from Kenya message


Dear Car from Japan,
Thank you first of all, for rolling out such a noble initiative. Blessing people with cars is not simple, but this sort of kindness never goes unnoticed. A car gives one the ability to be mobile and I believe that mobility is power. The Mazda Demio is actually my dream car and it will be my first car at that. I ran a sports for development organisation and winning this lovely car will enable me to travel to our project areas and ensure that the children and youth of Kenya that I work with in different parts of our country will receive their sports equipment, that is balls, racquets, volleyball nets, jerseys and coaching equipment much faster. I genuinely LOVE this Car! And should I win, I will promise to take good care of it and continue to spread the good work and news of Car from Japan Company. Thank you so much for your kind consideration and I wish you all the very best.
Regards, Lin

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