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lily kibuthu from Kenya message


First and foremost am grateful participating in this competition,because joining this competition was something i never expected to come along my way. From the bottom of my heart,owning a car has always been my dream and am looking forward to winning the car,because i believe with the support of friends i invite to campaign on the competition will help me gain more points to help me achieve my dream car. Another reason that you should pick me as a winner is because not only winning the car as a luxurious item but am very ambitious and talented with what i do.i will use the car to bring me more money to look after my family by hiring it out.
Secondly how i think about new cars from japan is that cars are made from
the best quality materials,japan’s manufactures are known of their reliability based survey of quality cars and well established,many of the models analysed have been replaced,you can choose varieties from sports cars, Honda, Toyota,Lexus, Mitsubishi etc, and it is the fastest growing and leading manufactures worldwide.

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