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Lilian Mukiibi from Kenya message


Hey Car From Japan,

It is fun joining this competition. Why should you pick me as the winner? Well, my dad passed away exactly 27 days ago.He got an accident with his own car. Up to now, no one in my family wants to drive in that car because it is a memory of what killled him.Besides, it is a school van and it is old. Winning this car from Car From Japan, would be a good gift for me and my family as we can now move around without having bad memories of the car we are using.
I would really appreciate using a Japanese used car so that I can use it as a family car.It would just be a blessing if we won it.

What I think of Car From Japan is that it is rare to find genuine car sites, but Car From Japan is a trusted site. And the decision to give away two used Japanese cars is quite a good way to reward customers.
I look forward to winning that car.

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