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Leocal Melinda from Saint Kitts And Nevis message

Leocal Melinda from Saint Kitts And Nevis message
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I am so excited to participate in this competition, i always talk about japan car, me and my husband, normally we work for a company at st christopher and nevis but at work , almost all employees in our section visit japan car, we talk every day about, some of us already buy cars to japan car. I was thinking to have a car for my anniversary in july 7 for my wedding anniversary or 12 on july for my birthday it wasn’t possible but I think now the opprtunity present in front of me to have a car from japan car. I will continue to promote this company car japan, i think it’s one of the best company selling the best cars
Because all cars some people in my company bought are in good condition, they just find exacly in the same condition the’re are puting on the website sometimes more than they expected. The delivery is at time. That for me a good reason to promote car japon. Thanks again for this opportunity.

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