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LAWRENCE OWINO OOKO from Kenya message

LAWRENCE OWINO OOKO from Kenya message
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Dear Hana Yurimoto, Chief Marketing Officer,Car From Japan Co., Ltd,and the entire Team of Car From Japan Co.,Ltd.,

I am very glad to hear such kind words from you, the CEO of Car Frmo Japan Co.,Ltd. I am 34years MBA graduate from Kenya,and currently Working with a Pharmaceutical Sales and Marketing Company in East Africa region where I am the National Sales Managers for Kenya. I am in control of more that 4,000 registered Medical Doctors, and Pharmacists with whom we engaged daily as we market and supply human medicines from India and Europe to the region. Most of these doctors also use cars from Japan. I also have a big following on the social media platform and if I win this competition, then I will ensure 110% marketing of Car From Japan Co.,Ltd. I also have more than 250 MBA Graduate friends who would eventually become great customers for Car From Japan Co.,Ltd.

I love motor vehicles from Japan, My first car was Mitsubishi Pajero from Japan and Currently I am driving a Nissan Xtrail also made in Japan. I want a car for my wife Sylvia who is a lecturer in one of Kenyan’s Top Universities: Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT). And together with her we shall ensure that all her university colleagues and friends who want to import cars that we only work with Car From Japan Co.,Ltd. My colleagues at Microlabs Keep bringing Cars From Japan and also there is great potential in the field of Pharmauetical Marketing in Kenya since there are over 50 companies with ore than 20 pharmaceutical marketers who must use cars in their daily work. This is a great opportunity to tap.

I also intend to start importing motor vehicles together with my friend Fred Oyugah with whom we recently, imported a church Van from Japan for our local Church in Nairobi.

I know that Car From Japan is a platform to trade Japanese used cars and also provide secure transactions with no hidden costs and currently listing more than 13,000 cars and trucks. I and my friend would like to be great friends and business partners with and for Car From Japan Co., Ltd.

My Heartiest Regards,

Lawrence Owino Ooko,
National Sales manager,
Microlabs E.A Ltd,


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