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Lawrence Muhamba from Malawi message

Lawrence Muhamba from Malawi message
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A car from Japan is easy to maintain, reliable and user friendly. I really love driving cars from Japan because of their comfort ability. you do not need to dig deep into your pockets to carter for maintenance cost.
It has been my desire to be an ambassador for Japanese Cars in Malawi and picking me as a winner will make my dreams come true. Through me more people can appreciate how cars from Japan can change their lives in developing world like Malawi. So don’t hesitate pick me as a winner as I am ready to show case the car to potential buyers.
Malawi as one of the poor countries can benefit a lot from your cars due to their affordability. What is needed is to make people see how durable and reliably your cars can be. That can be done if I happen to be picked because I have a great interface with a lot of people on the ground.

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