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Laban Kemboi from Kenya message

Laban Kemboi from Kenya message
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The reasons why i think i should be picked as a winner is follows;

  1. I love cars from Japan and given this opportunity i will be a good ambassador and marketer of Cars from Japan. I have always dreamt of owning a car and when that time Comes I will definitely go for it at cars from Japan .

2.If i win the car of my choice at cars from Japan i will use it in generating income and in the process will employ two people hence improving there living standards in doing so I will have created job opportunity to the jobless youth, since here in Kenya we have so many of them

  1. I am a good marketer – Should I win this Competition I will use the success to woe prospective customers to buy cars from Japan since cars from Japan are the best in the market . This will provide an opportunity to give a practical experience.
  2. Kenya is one of the largest buyers of Japanese cars therefore choosing me will be a great opportunity to showcase the vehicle in an existing market and in the process tapping more customers.
    I thinks cars from Japan are the best and of good quality also available in various models to meet the various customer tastes and preferences. They are also liked by many car buyers.

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