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Koskey Benard Sidney from Kenya message

Koskey Benard Sidney from Kenya message
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car from Japan is the best competition i have ever participated in. I love Toyota cars very much in my country every vehicle in front of me is a Toyota from Japan. I have never owned a car of mine and recently my cousin bought a Toyota NZE and i have always admired its beauty, strength and comfort it has got. My dreams will be complete if i win one of these great cars from Japan and it would be the best gift in my entire life. I come from a very humble background and in my entire village our local primary headteacher only owned a vehicle not until my cousin bought one. If i win one of these great cars i would help the community even during events like weddings, funerals and taking pregnant mothers and the sick to hospital. Wedding couples are transported in tractors and motorcycles because of the remoteness. The mortality rate is so high due to poor means of transport in the area. So winning this car would not only be beneficial to me but to my entire community too.

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