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Koryun Tarakhchyan from Armenia message

Koryun Tarakhchyan from Armenia message
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I want to participate in this contest since cars are my passion and the thought that I can win one really excites me. In this expensive life it is a luxury to collect money for buying the car you want. I love offroading and driving countryside, exploring my country. It is a hobby for me. And my dream is to have a car that will let me realize my hobby and enjoy the roads. With Armenian salaries (average $200 monthly) its difficult to realize it. Participating in this contest is a great opportunity for me and I hope I will win.
I don’t usually trust such contests, but I find Car From Japan very reliable which convinced me to try my luck. Your website is very useful and user friendly, it allows its customers to find cars in good prices and good quality at the same time. It is also very reliable, I would advise to all my friends to use it.
I want to thank you for this initiative and I am hopeful to hear good news from you.

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