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Kiyeng Dennis from Kenya message

Kiyeng Dennis from Kenya message
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First of all I like Japanese cars a lot and I always influence my friends on the choice of the cars they would want to buy. One of them is my elder brother, I told him to buy Suzuki swift instead of Mercedes. He never regretted buying Suzuki.
In fact Kenya is one of the largest market in Africa for Car From Japan as well as Japanese used cars.

I really want to win this competition to prove to my friends that the competition is real and the best cars to purchase are cars from Japan. The reason I like your cars is that they are very economical in terms of fuel usage, cheap to maintain as well and they are ecofriendly cars ever.

I should appreciate you guys for coming up with this competition, I have been dreaming to own a Japanese car since I was young, I hope my dream will come true.

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