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Kinester Mutero from Zimbabwe message

Kinester Mutero from Zimbabwe message
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For years I have read each and every single amazing testimonial form different people around the world praising CarfromJapan and have hoped that one day I will print a testimony too. 2012 My husband was involved in a car accident and unfortunately we were never able to recover. Now I have to watch with a sad heart as he and my two young children walk miles to work and school. We live in a community were our small vehicle used to aid everyone, the old and the young. It would mean a lot not only to ourselves but to our community if we could get a car courtesy of car from Japan. I believe that the mission of car from Japan is to enrich peoples lives. Winning this car will put my mind at ease on the safety of my children and husband because I know that my children will not have to wait hours alone by the school gate everyday until their father collects them from school. With a car I will be able to visit our sick elderly relatives because without a car this is often difficult. We will be able to drive to the supermarkets and assist our neighbours again in bulk groceries, and yes, I could even be able to revive our tuckshop business and be able to help my husband financially. It wont take hours to walk to the nearby clinic , and if anyone needs medical attention we can easily assist. Winning this car would mean a lot to us and I would be forever grateful. This car will offer us a peace of mind and open a lot of opportunities for us. I pray and hope that I will be chosen as One of the Car From Japan WINNERS!!!. Today we had to take our grandmother to the hospital, she was diagnosed with high blood pressure five years ago and we had to wait for hours for transport to ferry us to the clinic. I looked above the skies for a shooting star and hoped with all my heart that CarsfromJapan picks me t be a winner of the car. I could spend hours writing and typing a long story of reasons that our family and neighbourhood needs the car for but all I can do now is participate as much as I can and earn more points so that we get the car because I am in it to win it.

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