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khole c Tamapo from Botswana message

khole c Tamapo from Botswana message
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I have this priviledge of entering the Japanise car competition, which was a free enterence. The most important reason why I entered the competition because Japan has an escalating technology, not very complicated but which makes lives of people in the entire world to be easy and manageable. The technology imposed by Japan is easily accessible, meaning is cheap and affordable hence making the planet a conducive place for the poor and the rich.

Japan has contributed significantly in Africa particularly Botswana where is my native place. In the back days, cars were only driven by rich business people and highly paid citizens of the country. With the Japanise technology, so many people can drive their own cars nowadays,do their day activities faster hence global growth in the world, in terms of economy and living standards.Japanise technology did not just make day activities faster but it has also brought dignity to the less priviledged.

African people are now proud to own cars at a reasonable prices. I would like to thank Japan for its affordable cars and other accessories, it means a lot to humananity and above all, I would like to challenge other countries, technologists, engineers and designers to make the world a better place for people at reasonable prices.

I thank you.

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