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Kevin Mbithi Mutua from Kenya message

Kevin Mbithi Mutua from Kenya message
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hey car from japan team,
I have high hopes and morale with this competition. I leave in Nairobi, Kenya and surely in the past decade or so we have seen a rise in the number of previously owned (ex-japan) vehicles flood our roads. It is esteemed organisations like yours that make this happen for us, by offering affordable and well maintained vehicles for our purchase. This has had a great effect on our livelihoods as we have now improved modes of transportation which consequently has opened up the road network of our country. This has also seen some neglected and marginalized communities being added into the fray and active participation in our nation building. Also services previously thought to be accessible only to the rich, high and mighty in society has been devolved to the more overlooked parts of our nation.
This and more has been made possible by the fact that we are able to move around in our nation and make a lasting impact where initially was not the case.
My children will grow in a society much different than I did as various services we were not able to enjoy will be the norm for them which consequently translates to better living standards, level of civility and exposure for them and the transcending generations after them.
The simple act of availing affordable previously owned vehicles has made this possible for our Kenyan society. Kenya is and has been a trendsetter for this part of the world for years. Since the days of the colonial masters we were champions of freedom and liberty for ourselves and our similarly oppressed neighbors at the time namely Uganda, Tanzania and even Mozambique.
The above named countries now are growing into economical power houses in their various capacities but one constant still remains, Kenya as the portal / Gateway to the international community.
Currently a public – private partnership project is underway the extension of the currently Mombasa old port and creation of new and deeper docking berths for cargo ships with 40% completion already.
This translates to more bulk being transported through our corridors. The project dubbed LAPPSET is set to serve upto six main countries namely: Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Rwanda, South Sudan and upto DRC and Burundi in part. This should be viewed as an importation growth opportunity for us and an exportation growth capability for Japan. Currently I have researched that Japan exports approximately 15,000 units of previously owned vehicles to sub-saharan Africa. With the above named project complete this export figure could easily double or triple in a very short while say the next decade or less. As such there are numerous opportunities coming up in Africa and Car from Japan is strategically placed to rip from the envisioned growth while also giving back to our society in a small way but with huge consequences and benefit to our people alike.
I hope I will get some recognition out of this in whatever small way, but the most important thing being is that the truth of the matter is out there and Car from Japan can leverage from this to better offer tailored services for this part of the world which is thirsty for more and more.
Thank you and hope to hear from you soon.

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