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KENNEDY RAJULA from Kenya message

KENNEDY RAJULA from Kenya message
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Hello Team Car From Japan… I am humbled to be crowned as one of the outstanding contestants so far.I am looking forward to scale to higher heights in this completion,so as in the Long run,I emerge the winner.I believe that that my victory will earn the company enormous opportunity in the car market.This will be brought about by my vast networks and links within the auto market.I am a persuasive individual who leaves nothing to chance when it comes to marketing and selling my brand.I am also an articulate speaker,a tool that is quite vital in marketing activity.So granted the chance,I will will work tirelessly to ensure that Car From Japan does not only penetrate the Kenyan market into depth but also find
ways into other Eastern and Central African Republics.
I am also looking forward to forge relationships with local car dealers so that we may boost our grip in the market.I believe our products will attract varied and numerous clients since our prices are relatively cheaper than our competitors’.The maintenance cost and ready availability of our cars’ spare parts is also something that I am planning to capitalize on during our marketing activities.
In the long term run,I will open up a sub outlet yard to specifically deal in our cars.This yard will also offer after sale services to our clients.Beside that,it will initiate platforms for our clients to participate in motor shows.

An initiative to compel the government to accord us subsidized custom duty rates will also be enacted.I am thinking of using my networks within the political system to negotiate for lower import duties on our products.This will go along way in benefiting our consumers.The initiative will also advocate for reduced time span in clearance of our cargo thus curbing the port delays.
In conclusion, my victory shall be a collective win to every interested party in Cars From Japan. It will entirely be aimed at nourishing the companies financial will be an opportunity for the company to boost its customer care,facilitate products delivery,expand the market and finally escalate profits.

Regards. Kennedy Rajula

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