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Kennedy Njuguna from Kenya message

Kennedy Njuguna from Kenya message
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Hello Car from Japan, I would like to thank you for this opportunity to participate in this great competition. I am an ardent fan of car from Japan and Japanese used cars. First and foremost I like the way they are designed to suit our roads and are easy to maintain. Each model of car from Japan/Japanese used cars has offered the best services to its users not forgetting its spares parts which are cheap and readily available in the market. Japanese used cars are also effective, efficient and economical to use and depending on the purpose you want to use a Japanese used car, you will not be dissapointed because of their suitability and are very manageable, plus Cars from Japan offer value for your money.Further more Japanese cars are cheaper to buy and import directly from Japan than any other place. I would like you to pick me as a winner of the Japanese used car because in this era and age, owning a car is very convinient especially in running of day to day activities, and as they say ‘time is money’, Cars bought from Japan can make one save on time and increase on productivity which is essential to the economy growth of any country. Apart from convinience, I like the many models one can find and choose from Japanese used cars and its no doubt that in most Kenyan roads the car in front of you is always a. car from Japan. If I win a Japanese used car, that will be my first car in my life since I have never owned one though I’m saving for the same right now. I pledge that if you pick me as a winner of Car from Japan I’m ready to act as a goodwill ambassador to promote and create awareness about Japanese used cars so as to increase sales in your company. I will also help to create a positive impression about the good quality of Japanese used cars here in Kenya and East Africa at large by using a car imported directly from Japan through your platform and therefore it will be an advantage if I win one. If you pick me as a Winner of the Japanese used cars I plan to lobby and convince the lawmakers in my homeland Kenya to amend the law regarding the importation of Japanese used vehicles and also reduce the duty on Japanese used cars so that many people in our region can acquire and own Japanese used cars. I will also help arrange for expos, forums between your team and my people to sensitize them on how easily they can own Japanese used cars. I also intend to work with car from Japan and help increase sales by coming up with proper marketing mechanisms and strategies that will expand your company’s customer base in this region. If I am picked as a winner of Car from Japan, I will help come up with creative ways of enriching lives and connecting with the right people whom you will engage business-wise and who will also help in the positive growth of car from Japan in my region as per your mission and vision in your website. I find the information in your website useful and very easy to understand with perfect display of Japanese used cars photos with their prices tagged and therefore in this era of advanced technology, I will, as your representative,be able to make use of my acquired skillsand to maximize on my full potential in coming up with proper policies that will help to promote your brand and also help in the expansion of the market, online or otherwise for Japanese used cars in Kenya and Africa at large. This opportunity perfectly offers me a chance to develop my network path which I endeavour to align within a field of car business especially Japanese used cars that will progressively add social economical value to our communities especially through the online business platform. My dream is to see many people in Kenya and the world purchase their Cars through online platforms as offered by Car from Japan.Lastly this is a golden opportunity for all of us competitors to participate,win and maybe own a car from Japan through a competition that has not been seen in the history of car dealership in the world. I am very proud to be part of Car from Japan family!!

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