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Kennedy Ngugi from Kenya message

Kennedy Ngugi from Kenya message
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Its an honor to participate and compete to win a car from Japan and extend my gratitude.
Cars from japan are the most assured way to get a better functioning car. Its noted that Japanese used cars have less mileage compared to others sourced from other markets. It would be a privilege if Car from japan co ltd would grant me an opportunity to ride a Japanese used car on our roads here in Kenya. Not often does one get a chance to toll in style
Advantages of Japanese used car.

Less Mileage
This would mean for a used car the car guarantees you longer life and , durable operations without the need for repairs upon arrival to the country, this would also mean in case of resale the car would fetch good price in our market
Affordable price.
So far having looked through the website, i can say the prices are incomparable to other used car dealers. the cheap affordable price would make it ideal for one to acquire a vehicle from your company
Dedicated destination Port.
As indicated on the website, the company values each price and shipment coast in accordance to the destination port where the owner can collect the vehicle. one of the biggest hustles in vehicle importation has been finding the right company to ship the vehicle home after acquisition. however your company offers a sound alternative where one pays for the vehicle inclusive of shipping costs and can await delivery at the port of choice

Wide variety of vehicles
the website contains a wide selection choices for importers and detailed qualities of each vehicle, this allows the buyer to know and compare the precise qualities he needs in a vehicle before making his purchase. this would result in customer satisfaction after acquisition of the vehicle and also in-case of importation for resale, one would be sure the vehicle they are importing suits the potential customers needs and chosen qualities.

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