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Kennedy Kiprono from Kenya message

Kennedy Kiprono from Kenya message
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My name are Kennedy Benjamin Kiprono, I am a Kenya aged 42 years old. I am working with Kalia General Contractors ltd which is contracted to Kenya Power company the sole lisenced company to undertake power connection in Kenya.
I will be very very proud to be the winner because

since we are contracted by Kenya power, we move alot from county to county. This vehicle will drastically help in transporting both materials and our staff
since we are used to boarding Public service transport which are unreliable, some times other remote areas have got no public service vehicle hence movement in those areas become very difficult, and this will really come in andy if we win
moving from one point to another is so difficult without a owned car therefore with this win we will be able to be faster and more efficient in our work.
our tools will be more secure now that we will be having a vehicle since we use hire sometimes.
time limitation will be a thing of the past because we shall be doing our work till the time we want, now that we have a vehicle we can get out of site without fear of missing a public service vehicle.
Japan cars are rated the best in the world because
▶ this are customer friendly when it comes to fuel consumption.
▶ this cars are durable.
▶they are more durable.
▶japan cars come in in various makes and design thus giving customers range to choose according to his needs
▶japan cars has what it takes to number one world class vehicle manufacturer.
Those are my points and I am looking forward to win this great dream of my life, a dream that will change face lift our business.

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