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Kenisha Lightbourn from Bahamas message

Kenisha Lightbourn from Bahamas message
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Hello Car From Japan, in reference to the Japanese Used car I think you should choose me as a winner. Firstly, I am a full time college student highly in need of a car to travel to school everyday. I have to travel between two campuses. This is a challenge to me because sometimes the weather is not fair and I am trapped in the rain while using the public transportation system and it is not the best circumstance. In addition to this, I have to ensure that while travelling to the other campus that I am not late for my classes as this can happen while waiting for the public transportation system. I also have night classes and I have no means to get to campus.

Furthermore, my father was unemployed from last year and my mother has recently gone on summer break. My family does not have the finances to help me purchase a car at this time as I also have to pay school tuition and purchase school supplies. Finances are very limited and as a result, I cannot afford to purchase a car even though I greatly need it. The majority of the finances we have is allocated to paying the utility bills, rent, and also to purchase groceries. Afterwards, there is little to no money left.

Conclusively, Car From Japan, I think you should choose me to win a Japanese used car as it is greatly needed for me to travel to school and the finances are not available for me to purchase one. I am grateful for this opportunity and I really hope you consider me.

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