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kemwel raziel from Tanzania message

kemwel raziel from Tanzania message
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Well,,,hello everybody ryt there,,,am Kemwel Shayo from Tanzania dar es salaam.Soon after i received the link from my friend that we are study together in the same university here in Tanzania without wasting time i became a member in your company,.I realy want to be ambassodor in my contry and advitising your products.It is obviously that when you talk about best quality of automobiles what comes firs on mind is this”are they from Japan?” And if yes,,no one will doubt about the quality,,that why i joined in this competition and starting sharing with my friends on social networks..I think i really deserve to be one of the winner because,,,i will be good ambassador in here and also i know about advitizing products,,,because i was selling shoes and clothes before,,so am well experienced…i cant speak alot about me but i kindly ask for the consideration of my request…thanks alot..”Car from Japan is where your dreams come true”

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