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Kelvin Epimack Lasway from Tanzania message

Kelvin Epimack Lasway from Tanzania message
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Hello Car From Japan,
My name is Kelvin Epimack Lasway I Am A Tanzanian Residing In Dar es Salaam. I am an entrepreneur and also a camera man.
I first discovered Car From Japan when my friend shared his link on his Facebook page before sending it to my email and that was also before I discovered your Facebook and Twitter accounts. On the day I followed up the link I learned that it was a car winning contest (campaign) Offered by a car dealership company in Japan, Car From Japan Ltd, I was interested and I also joined the contest to.
In my view i believe I kindly fit to be the winner in the car from Japan car contest campaign, first because I have discovered car from Japan is a new company it aims at marketing and hence it needs to promote itself for market especially in 3world(developing countries) where most of its citizens are living an average life and hence cant afford to buy brand new cars 0-100km mileage. In my experience I have been working and selling car as an affiliate (Dalali) in Dar Es Slaam, Arusha, Mwanza, Moshi etc. All Cars I have being selling are used cars (previously used by people in Tanzania). With My Business I can promote car from Japan. I can also convice my Costumers to try and use car from Japan as their car dealership when they purchase new cars. I would need a car a new car In promotion, I would use this car as a sample to my Costumers proving the company is legitimate as most people need to see and be prove before they can order a new car.
On My Daily Basis I would also need a car, As I Introduced myself as an entrepreneur hence movements from one place to another can be nonstop especially for a busy city like Dar Es Slaam. I Am Also A Father.
I Do meet with many people and I know people who I will be meeting with them after I win this car will always ask me about my new car. This will also be an opportunity to market your company and also get Costumers.
In My Thoughts about car from Japan I think it’s a fast developing company its website its clearly narrated which makes it easy for most people to understand and access the site easily in my heart truly I enjoyed your site, and also compared to any other Japan car exporters companies, Car from Japan is caring. In Tanzania for example we have companies like befoward, among issues that befoward Costumers face is clearing service. Befoward doesn’t have a good clearing protocol etc. Thus If only car from Japan could handle weaknesses from companies like befoward (which most I know) and provide quality service. It’s Guranteed that car from Japan will be the next Japan car exporter in Tanzania and in most of African Countries.

Concluding myself I want to thank you Car from Japan. It has always been my dream and wish to working with such a nice emerging company. I Hope I Will Win, I Can’t Lie I Am Dreaming & Dieng Of Winning The Campaign. I am so ready to start my work here in Tanzania Please Call Me Out As Your Next Ambassador.
Thank You & God Bless You.

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