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Kelline Kanyangala from Malawi message

Kelline Kanyangala from Malawi message
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A car these days is almost a necessity everyone needs to have. It really makes life easier and makes a person efficient in so many ways. A car can even save a life for instance where you have to rush someone to the hospital or in any other emergency. A car is as I said, a big necessity

Here are the reasons why I need a car

  1. Get to work early…Public transportation can be hectic and one usually ends up reporting late for work
  2. Comfort and reliability…having your own car means you can easily travel to a preferred destination. .come rain or sunshine. Plus it is really comfortable travelling in your own car
  3. Achieve more..using public transport usually consumes alot of time. If you habe your own car, you can easily plan your time to achieve all you set out to achieve
  4. Listen to the radio..I know thats funny but I really would like my own car to be able to listen to the radio as I drive…its a special moment and really joyful
  5. I want a car because well, who doesn’t?

What I think of car from japan

I think it is a very innovative and really one of the fastest growing car dealers! It is very people oriented and provides feedback which is important

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