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Kanisios Mukwashi from Zimbabwe message

Kanisios Mukwashi from Zimbabwe message
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I am so glad to have been accorded the opportunity to participate in this competition. I am very much expectant to win and be announced as a winner for the first time in my life. I deserve to win in this competition because I have done my best to inform everyone about Car From Japan through social media networks, e-mail communications and even by word of mouth to all my friends, relatives and colleagues. But most importantly I am so amazed by the wisdom from Car From Japan to embark in such an innovative marketing strategy to reach out to people around the world through networking. You have already made a huge impact and I am very confident in your brand and I am more than willing to continue sharing your products to all my contacts. I also hereby do submit my interest to be an African ambassador of Car From Japan, and I am prepared to raise your flag higher. Thank you so much!!

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