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Kainyu Njeri from Kenya message

Kainyu Njeri from Kenya message
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I am a bike enthusiast and this is the first time I have seriously considered owning a car. I’m really hoping I win this. This is a really fun concept you came up with for the competition. AWESOMENESS!!! Thanks for the chance 🙂 and please have me win a car big fat grin on my face

Oh, also I like Car from Japan because of the range. I can get the basic beginner car to a higher end luxury vehicle. Aaaaand spareparts are easy to come by. Even though this means, in Kenya, we have to lock our side mirrors to our cars with chains, it is a good thing that spares are easy to get. Japanese manufacturing is winning on this one right here.

Also, I just started a business that requires a lot of movement all over the city. A small car like the Passo would be perfect. Low on consumption but with enough space to carry all my stuff to deliveries and when new orders come in. I am also a student at the university. This will greatly help with maximising on my time. There’s only 24 of those lovely hours. Honestly, receiving a car will be a big game-changer for me.

My fingers are so crossed they are this close to locking.

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