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Justine Tulina Fillemon from Namibia message

Justine Tulina Fillemon from Namibia message
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The reason why I choose yo be in your competition car from Japan is that your cars are unique, stable, amazing and even popular and affordable comparing to others! I want to be choosen because I want to promote , encourage fellow Namibians to buy Japanese used cars as they are the best seller in theworld! Apart from that I also want to be a Japanese used car representative in Namibia though there are branches that sell I also want to be part of them! Cars from Japan are the special one that ain’t give tough time and you don’t need to go deep into your pocket to buy one of your best ever Japanese used cars! I think cars from Japan are the best and I thonk are the one that are cheap and it wont give trouble in life after you bought it. cars from japan are cheap and durable! I hope im the lucky competitor to won one of the car from Japan!

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