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Joyce Fifita from Tonga message

Joyce Fifita from Tonga message
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Car from Japan was established and form to help people around the world and to trade Japanese used cars. Car from Japan is working to create essential tools for a better life and available to people in need. Many people from around the world can find and buy not only Japanese used cars but machinery and other parts. The Car from Japan company is giving away two cars which is a good way to attack more customers and also good for the company. Customers can use word of mouth to spread the details and good news about Car from Japan and this is a good way because more people will visit this site and more people can buy a car.
Car from Japan are dedicated to creating a global network to trade cars, machinery and parts. In the network everyone can buy and import their desired products from Japan or another country with minimum risk and affordable prices. Car for Japan believes that the trading network will provide necessary tools for a better life, available to people in need and enrich their lives.

If you pick me as the winner I will be so happy and thrilled to have a new vehicle. At the moment I do not have a vehicle and its hard thinking of ways to reach places. It’s also hard not having a car because I can’t go anywhere I stay home most of the time. Going by taxi is very expensive especially going to work by taxi every day. Have to budget my taxi fare and some days I don’t have any taxi fare to go to work. In rainy days can’t go anywhere because there is no vehicle. Sometimes I go to church programs or work late and have to figure out a way to go and return home safely. I’m planning to get a new car but I think this is a good opportunity not only affordable but it’s easy. I don’t have to pay money to join this competition I only have to invite more people to join Car from Japan. It will take me a few years before I can afford my own car but this opportunity is good why not take and join who knows I might get lucky. I’m doing everything I can and what requires of me from Japanese used Car and Car from Japan so I can be able to get more points and rank.

If you pick me to be the winner it will be a good chance to help spread the word about Car from Japan and Japanese used car and more people will share about it. Also it is a good opportunity for most people who can’t seem to afford a car like myself. This promotion of winning 2 cars is a good way to attract more customers and a competition like this is good because it helps people and customers who are desperate to have a new car. This promotion is good because I as a new person to this site don’t have to waste money in order to buy a new car.
I think Car from Japan is a good way to buy cars or any other vehicles and also spare parts. Although some cars have been used but it’s still in a good condition and look new. Car from Japan is affordable for people especially around the world they can choose from difference choices at an affordable price or at a bargain prices. I think Car from Japan have good quality vehicles because others or owners have used it the vehicles for many years and decided to sell it. The vehicle is still in good condition and look new. I think that cars from Japanese is very trustworthy because genius people made those vehicles to be up to standard, good quality, last long, also have a strong spare parts and machinery.

I’ve seen many Japanese used Cars from a different Car Dealers in Japan here in the Kingdom of Tonga and they all are in a good condition. While cars from New Zealand and Australia do not last long and if it breaks it’s hard to find the spare parts. Japanese used Cars are made to fit any types of roads and conditions. Another good thing is that the Japanese used Car mostly some cars have been used for several years by the owners and when these cars are sold again it’s still look new. Also other people that want to buy those cars can see that these used Cars can still function for several years and its spare parts and machinery is easy to find. No matter which country that vehicle is it can still operate. The parts is easy to find and in an affordable price.
Car from Japan some are second hand but the machinery is still new and in good condition. Sometimes it’s hard to find parts or to replace the machinery but good quality machinery can work for several years. Car from Japan and Japanese used car are focus on keeping and maintain customers rather than making sales. Car from Japan believes “that every great business is built upon customer satisfaction”. This statement shows that Car from Japan does not focus on making more sales or a lot of money but they focus first on their customers. A lot of customers will built more networks especially around the world. Japanese used Car does not focus on customers within Japan but globally. Another important thing is customer satisfaction, which is important to Car from Japan to maintain their customers. Car from Japan try to satisfy customers needs first like giving them quality Japanese used Car. Satisfying customers will keep those customers within the company and brings more customers everyday to the company. Car from Japan serves their customers first as it is a very important part of their company. More customers mean more sales and more money. However, Japanese use Car provides a lot of opportunities for its customers like giving away free cars. I am happy to be a part of Japanese used car and Car from Japan and also to share its good news to others. I’m also happy if I be the winner of this competition.

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