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JOY NKATHA MWENDA from Kenya message

JOY NKATHA MWENDA from Kenya message
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I believe my sales and marketing skills makes me stand out from the rest.I have also vast experience in automobile sales and i know different cars parts and performance.Being knowledgeable in different car models will help me in convincing customers to buy cars from cars from japan company.I have also information on requirements to import a car in Kenya which will be very important in advising customers.

I believe car from Japan is bringing a lot of benefits to many people who were previously not able to import their own cars.This is because car from japan is a genuine company and it delivers whatever it promises.It also reduces the search time for customers because they have all the car models in stock.They also have quality cars at a affordable price.I also believe that the future prospect of car from japan is admirable this is because they have high quality cars at affordable prices.Thankyou

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