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josephine from Uganda message

josephine from Uganda message
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I am here because i want to be one of the winners with Car From Japan. There have been many companies selling Japanese used car here in Uganda but i have not had such an opportunity like the one offered by Car From Japan.
Car From Japan to me, looks like the most transparent Japanese used car company and it will indeed remain my choice. I will have to tell all my friends who would want Japanese used cars to use Car From Japan to get their dream cars.

Why i should be picked as the winner.

If i win, i will have my car labeled for a period that Car From Japan feels fair and satisfying enough for all the Ugandans to know about its existence.

Car From Japan should pick me because of my hard work. The transparency exhibited will enable the judges to determine my hard work and therefore deserving to win.

If i win, i will request Car From Japan to be their Ugandan social media ambassador for a period they agree on; by spreading Car From Japan updates to my social network as consistently as agreed.

When am pick as a winner, i would request Car from Japan to be their volunteer representative in Uganda whenever there are any promotion programs or products to be distributed like say T-shirts and others. I know my country, people’s loyalty can be so much by what is marketed to them.

What i think about Car From Japan.

I have viewed the Car From Japan web site and it is so much user friendly and easy to navigate through.
The prices of the cars is a bit high but i have realized that Car From Japan has quality cars as compared to many Japanese used car web sites that i have viewed.

Car From Japan is so transparent because it shows the progress of my hard work which again pushes me to work more so that i can be picked a winner.

I think Car From Japan can be the leading car exporter to Uganda compared to many Japanese used car companies that i have seen in my country; because of the excellence and transparency exhibited by this promotion

Thank you fro reading my message,


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