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Joseph Wanjohi from Kenya message

Joseph Wanjohi from Kenya message
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Good day to you, Car From Japan, and thank you for this awesome chance to write to you!

Why should you pick me as a winner of a Japanese used car? That is a rather tough question, but I believe the easiest way to answer is to express what I feel deep down in my mind….

I am Joe Wanjohi, Kenyan citizen, 30, residing in Nairobi City. I am an ICT specialist by profession. Basically, I have 8 years of driving experience, yet I have not been able to afford a car as yet. My spouse and I have a 5-year-old daughter, Nancy (named after my beloved mum) whom I would love to be personally picking up/dropping off from school. She is adorable and would be so happy when either daddy or mummy is able to take her to/from school, in a car! Nairobi city is terrible with traffic, and every school day, my daughter has to struggle with public transport, that constitutes badly-driven small buses called ‘matatus’ in our local Swahili language. I do not like to see her have to struggle with public transport, and my beloved wife & I work very hard, every day to see that we get to own a car that will make it possible for us to drop her to school, and also pick her up in the evening, and maybe take the family out sometimes on some weekends, among other wonderful things associated with travel by a personal car.

At the same time, I work as a sales assistant at an IT company here in Kenya. The company is called Crimson Systems Ltd. Getting a car would be awesome as I travel around the city to meet potential clients, make sales pitches and make product deliveries, all done with the great and valued aid from my Japanese used car!

As far as my work is concerned, I have developed my IT job skills, experience and communication capacity, all that remains is a car! And I am truly excited about the prospect of winning one from your respectable organization, Car From Japan Co Ltd!

Honestly, I almost feel like the competition was started with me in mind. I look forward to getting to own a Japanese used car, and also become a faithful ambassador and representative for your sponsors and your brand!

Thank you, Car From Japan, for this opportunity, and I take this chance to wish you all a successful year of trading!

Humble regards,

Joe Wanjohi

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