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Joseph Phiri from Malawi message

Joseph Phiri from Malawi message
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Being a resident in one of the poorest countries in the world, Malawi is not easy. Travelling to and from work is not an easy task, one needs to hustle for public transport which are not cheap. In certain circumstances the transportation is not even available in certain areas hence the need to walk.

Car from Japan has somewhat helped to minimize this problem by making Japanese used cars available to us leaving in this forgotten parts of the world available. If I win the car it will be my pleasure to help the less privileged like me by ferrying them from my area, Chinyonga to their workplaces and school. I know I will not be able to carry everyone but I am sure that even the little people I will ferry will be happy and that will be the difference they need.

Pick me as a winner for this prestigious award and together take the first step to helping me and others.

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