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Joseph Mpozerah from Malawi message

Joseph Mpozerah from Malawi message
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I will be sincere on this. I understand that they are many potential participants from all over the world, some with more chances than me.
But you see, I am doing this out of passion and I am not doing it lightly.
I have a dream to own a car and when I came across Cars From Japan it was like another brick has been added to this building of mine called “my dream car”.

Honestly, I am planning to start saving so that one day I will be able to give you the noble job of making me a car owner!.

Should it happen that I have won this competition the I will convince everyone I know to buy used cars from you company.

You should pick me as the winner because, I was born to win and I do not consider myself a loser if I do not get what I want because I always have what I need and I need this car.

You guys are fabulous, very organized in your operations, i am sure that if I order my car from you it is gonna arrive in one piece.

Your rates are affordable that even average income earners can afford.

The last thing I think about cars from japan is that you will bring me my dream car one day. I believe this.

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