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JOSEPH MBOKE from Kenya message

JOSEPH MBOKE from Kenya message
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I am loving the competition and the nature with which you communicate with the new entrant’s. The wide variety your products is amazing I would love to have every single car that I will be driving to be an import from your company. Relatively, your prices are cheaper. The cars from japan are quite costeffective. Japan is one of the countries with vast variety of cars. They come in various sizes, shapes, colour and engine capacity. It is the largest producer of the small cars that is appealing to the current young generation. Japan motor industry has also hugely invested in tring to meet the taste of vrious groups gender and age group. For example, some cars have been customised to feminine shapes hence attracting large women clients. In Africa the culture of parents buying cars to their sons and daughters in collegeshas not been quite popular in the last decades, but is currently increasing thanks to the affordability of cars from Japan.

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