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JOSEPH FRANCIS KIOKO from Tanzania message

JOSEPH FRANCIS KIOKO from Tanzania message
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Dear Team (Car from Japan)
Kindly Pick me as a winner of this competition,because I,will make sure the gifts you given out will be supporting to the societies for introducing some business which it could help mostly people/societies, due after in my country there is lack of transport facilities for example:in rural areas and some of towns.
So that for this opportunity I have from you good people please,consider me as a this battle of competition.

Secondly I,would like to giving you congratulations as a team, for this opportunity which you giving out to us,especially in Africa.. we have a lots of demands but, the problem is a capital to buying a cars like trucks,buses etc.
But car from Japan is the best brand/company! among of a lots car exporters World wide since your loyal to your customers.
Thanks a lots to every one/to any team member.
Looking forward to hearing from you dear CAR FROM JAPAN TEAM.

Joseph Francis Kioko 77145,Dar es salaam,Tanzania.
+255 718 054 184

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