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Jonas Sagawa from Malawi message

Jonas Sagawa from Malawi message
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Say something nice! Cars from Japan are durable, executive and comfortable. You feel that you are indeed driving something worth a car. I would wish to encourage the management for Japan Cars company to continue with their innovations and continue offering their cars at an affordable prices even for a common man to manage to buy. Otherwise am satisfied with your cars. One thing I wish is that you open some small branches in different countries including my country Malawi where people/ customers will be accessing your products with ease and also preferably at a lower costs. Personally am proud of you guys you are doing a good job and will be happy to see you continuing bringing in new models on the market as you always have been. You are the best, am satisfied with your products. I can smell my carIWith my above support and passion that I have for your excellent products, I believe I deserve to be one of the luck winners so that my dream for driving my own Japan car will be fulfilled. I believe you will consider me. My Japan car company, my car, my car my japan car company. i will encourage my family and friends to take part in the competition so that they may stand a chance to win one of the cars. The only way that I can reach my self actuarization is when I will own my own Japan made car, either through winning in this competetion or I strive to will buy one in the near future, because Japan made cars are my dream cars. continue the good work you are doing, am proud of you alot. The count down continues as we approach time for my belove & decent car from Japan, I cant wait for it. Indeed I can see it coming in just few months from now. Japan cars for real, with genuine materials and designed by experts. Continue the wonderful works I do appreciate you. Indeed you are the best. Count down continues as I am waiting to have my long awaited car. Thank you very much Japan Car company for this wonderful competetion, I believe will win one of these cars. I can smell my car coming and I see myself driving along the roads of Malawi enjoying my dream Japan made car

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