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Jokha Abdallah Mohamed from Tanzania message

Jokha Abdallah Mohamed from Tanzania message
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Why should i be picked as a winner?
I, Jokha Abdallah Mohamed would like to be picked as a winner because first of all, it will help me in my studies and family as i am a university student and getting too late in classes. Second am trying my level best in this campaign of car from Japan, by educating people in social networks as twitter, Facebook, instagram and goggle on how strong and reliable the cars are. Also the transportation in my country as is still a developing country is still so tough, so it will help me and my family in our daily activities. I know the competition is so hard but i still hope that i will be the winner. I would like to be picked as winner because the car that i need is cheap and simple just to satisfy my needs and not expensive car for show off. Also i will be able to get my important social needs easily when i get the car because the social needs are far from where i live such as hospitals, markets, and public institutions. And when i will be the winner i will help my friends in the morning and some of disabled people to reach to their schools and universities which will be near to my university. By doing this i will be as a big help to the society as a developing country.
what i think about car from japan?
First of all car from Japan are always genuine, Not fake like other cars from different countries and company that can be used only in one year and become weak, low speed , fake engines because they knock. Car from Japan even used ones last longer for so many years. All of its parts are genuine.
Second is, if you do services in every after using for 3000 kilometers you won’t go garage in any ways or any problem, you just have to be careful and make sure you do services in every after using for 3000 km. Cleaning the break oil and gear box and cleaning the filter. By doing that it is always perfect and never give any problem.
Third is all of its spare parts are available everywhere, it is easy to get in anywhere if any fault happens. There are so many shops in my country that sell the spare parts of car from Japan which can be used spare parts or new spare parts. There are so many suppliers and distributors of spare parts of different models of cars from Japan.
The best thing of car from Japan and Japanese used cars can be used for so many years that you get satisfied with your needs and wants, and when you decide to sell it, for sure it won’t take long time to get a customer. Because this is due to its durability and genuine and thus number of people like to use car from Japan. Also because they don’t get old easily even if its of so many years or so long still looks new.
Further more it is economic, It only uses small amount of oil, thus only few liters of petrol or diesel depends on engine capacity that the car has built in, thus can go for many kilometers away.
Not only that but also u can use a Japanese used car or car from Japan for so long without adding water in the water tank. Can be used when you buy it till you sell it, it will be having enough water in the water tank.This is also economic if the place has shortage of water.
Other thing is that in Japanese used car and car from Japan has strong tires that even after some faults and accident they still manage to work as normal, this means they can not get wear and tear easily because they are too strong and manageable. Also easy to maintain and are always available almost everywhere. And even if you decide to sell your used tires, anyone would choose and buy it because they can still be useful.
Also car from Japan group is so friendly that decide to allow people to give the compliments on their goods and services which means that gives a big hope to their customers that they are not only customers but also friends because they are able to share their strong ideas as the customers and users of cars from japan.
Further more the supplying process is so good after buying and whole process of shipping to the country that it goes. This gives the courage to the customers because doesn’t stay long to receive their goods and services. After all the reasons, this shows how much i think and will always choose car from Japan and Japanese used car.

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