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John Vee Marie Israel P. Martinez from Taiwan message

John Vee Marie Israel P. Martinez from Taiwan message
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When i first saw this advertisement in some social media sites, i thought it was a joke. Who would ever thought that someone will be giving that kind of price? A car? A gift worth $20,500? Maybe all of us will have that kind of expression at the beginning, but being judgmental sometimes doesn’t help us. Most often, we overpasses the opportunities behind us because of this attitude. And if we will continue to become like that, I swear to you, you’ll be missing also this very big opportunity that Car From Japan would like to offer.

Today, dreaming of a car and driving on it, is not already impossible. Thanks to all Sponsors who are helping Car From Japan to make our (every people) dream come true. I salute you for this kind of activity which will benefit the whole community, not only one person, not only one gender, not only one place and not only one race but whoever wants to join are welcome. How beautiful is that, “a competition without much restrictions”…

Again, thank you for this kind of blessing! I like it Japanese used car…

John Vee MI P. Martinez

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