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JOHN LUMUMBA from Kenya message

JOHN LUMUMBA from Kenya message
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Cars from Japan are durable and affordable, If am chosen as a winner, My friends will automatically beleieve that the compain is real and they will join in their numbers.

Japanese cars are common in Kenya and majority dont know the procedures on how to import cars, or some fear that they may be duped. Prices vary from vendor to vendor hence It would be nice to sell at an affordable but with a small profit magin in order to sell more cars within a short period.

Thanks Hana, I have received your feedback.

23 April 2015

Cars from Japan are the best in the world since the technology used in making such are far unreachable. The test conducted after the cars are made is outstanding since Japanese used cars adapt to African roads and can be used for severalyears before they are laid off.

Basicaly, It is very easy to repair and maintain because of the availability of the spareparts and low fuel consumption. Because of this, Cars from Japan attracts many people in Africa.

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