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Joel from Tanzania message

Joel from Tanzania message
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If I win, will put a sticker in that car to make sure thousands of people get to know your services. I will choose a more reliable vehicle but not very popular in Tanzania to promote that make and also make people buy from you. I will be your dealer in Tanzania or look for a dealer here. I will personally take effort to ensure all friends in all my social network are aware of your services and by letting them see my car as evidence will make then believe what I am saying. I will also use my position and stakeholders to tell them how reliable your service is. It is my dream to drive a land rover new model or subaru forester so they will see how my dream came true by working with you as my reliable supplier. I understand one of the challenges people meet in buying vehicle on line or from abroad is the culture in Tanzania of not trusting eCommerce of sending money from unknown third part. Therefore it will be my duty to assist you in overcoming this. First by assisting you to have a bank that will stand between and also to have a local office or agent. Another Challenge that you will face in Tanzania is stiff competition from already existing car dealers in the country. We will overcome this challenges and other through the use of social media and network of friends which i have and I trust we can achieve through tangible results as they will see me driving the vehicle. I will personally create a close relationship with Car from Japan officials so that we can together form alliances for the benefit of the Car form Japan. I will conduct market survey and inform the Car form Japan a clear way to follow to win a market share in Tanzania. One of the very important aspect that you should base on choosing me as a winner is the network of people I have now and I used to be communicating with. another Important to not is that I have advantage of where I am residing, I leave in the heart of Dar es salaam city but I am also used to move to Arusha and Kilimanjaro areas where people have a higher purchasing power, who in one way or another can be easily be influenced by what they see. seeing is believing.

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