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Joana Chagunda from Malawi message

Joana Chagunda from Malawi message
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To answer the question ‘why should I be picked to be the winner’ Out of the thousands that have applied in this ‘Car From Japan’ competition, and there can only be two winners, to be one of the two is a joyous thing. That would make me one of the luckiest people in the world. So to answer the question…Like any other person that has applied and with hope to win, pick me and the luckiest person.

How do I think about Car From Japan, although these are used cars, they are mostly fairly used, and the do meet the needs of the second user. Think of a brand new Toyota or Benz, will cost a foot and a leg of which not a lot of people can afford, but Car from Japan has created opportunities for a lot of people to be able to have their dream car because it is affordable and the procedures are easy, you can buy a car from Japan from anywhere in world and you are sure to get your car in time and in good condition.

Japanese used cars, one would think being a used car, the car may not be a road worthy car since has has been used before, but no, they are what we call ‘second hand brand new’ they have been fairly used and therefore are able to be used anywhere in the world satisfactory. Japanese used cars…giving equal access to dream cars!!!

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