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Jeremia Ashiruma from Kenya message

Jeremia Ashiruma from Kenya message
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I am so much excited not just because of joining the competition but also speaking to real people who facilitate Car from Japan. Your cars are the best in the world. Even though they are a number of years old, when they land in Kenya, they look as good as new. Honestly Japanese used cars are as good as the newly assembled cars I come cross. If I had the financial power of purchasing. Car from Japan would always be my choice.
I have always talked to my friend about Japanese Cars and apparently most of them like them. Car from Japan will always be in my heart.
I wish to admit that most Kenyans’ income is below average and cannot afford cars from other sources. Thanks to Japanese used cars that have closed the gap and Kenyans can drive.
For many years I have admired to be a sales man and thanks to car from Japan because through it I can see the opportunity eventually opening up. I have what it takes. My abilities are expressed in my nature which include the power to seek, to find and to convince who would be my potential customers.
I know for sure Car from Japan will never regret it picked me. Not that I am super natural but because I am extra ordinary and again with the fact that Japanese used cars have already established a foundation on which by utilizing my talents it will be easy to conquer the already very competitive market.

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