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Jarmila K from Ireland message


I am just a normal young girl from europe (Czech republic) who work in crech (Ireland) with litlle children. We should enjoy everyday of our life as it could be our last.everyday . everyday there is something what supprise me and make me happy.. Im 23 years of age and drove couple of cars but they were not mine. I found this competition on facebook when I was dreaming about new car which I know I can’t afforded. Around the internet is lot of competition from winning a dvd or ticket on concert up to win your dream house. I never belived in any of them but I said to myself that maybey this one could be the one. I know there is probably very small chance to win but if I would, I would give this car to my dad who ll be 60 years of age and always wanted to have a new car but because we are from small village where is hard to find a work for good money, he couldn’t afforded. I know that it would be great present and he would be very happy. I think that this is a good reason to pic me as you could make someone really happy. I m sure there is lot of people who deserve it and your decision will not be very easy.
First time I came to page Car from Japan I was suprised how many cars is on your page. I tried enter to a search my favourite car audi q7. It was there. all the pictures looks really well and was enjoying going through that. I was very suprised when I found out you could send the car to the nearest port which I think is one of the possitive on the hole page. I think that the prize is also very good and people from different country can save some money on it. I think the positive on the prize is that you show total costs of all cars until port. all the description to the car is very detailed and i belive that if I would send you an email that I need some kind of information, I would got very quick and detaild information back. I can see only possitive on this website and I hope everybody is happy with is as much as I m. 🙂
Thank you
Jarmila Kocourkova

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