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Janice Mundawarara from Zimbabwe message

Janice Mundawarara from Zimbabwe message
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Car From Japan is an online platform to export Japanese used cars, machineries and parts. They guarantee delivery of cars to buyers and are trully reliable and trustworthy in their business.I also like how it s in touch with what is happening in the places they do business in for example,they recently expressed how they felt about the kenya massacre on their twitter handle.

I am currently in university and having a car would make a huge difference in my life.Having a car at university will mean all kinds of things freedom, flexibility, and access to resources that i would otherwise not have access to because of distance and transport issues.

I absolutely need the car because i need to stay connected to campus as a commuter student.My university has limited accommodation facilities hence i stay off campus and have to commute to and from school everyday. Sometimes lectures go on til dark and i have to miss some of these since after a certain time public transport will be hard to get.

Other than just needing a car it would be great to remove the limitation of transport in my life. I would love to get a car from a”Car from Japan ” as i saw a car my friend got from them(Car From Japan,that is) and though it was used the car was awesome and she has had it for about a year and hasn’t had any problems so it would be great to get a Japanese used car from them

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