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Janice Mckop from Zimbabwe message

Janice Mckop from Zimbabwe message
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I think you should choose me to win a Car From Japan. I have been looking on your website for few years now and find that Japanese used cars are normally in very good condition when their new owners receive them and are all very economicial vehicles and 99.9% of friends and family I know personally have purchased Japanese vehicles.
So choosing me to win a Car from Japan will make me an exceptionally happy customer and would help me to reach my dream of owning a Japanese used car sooner than later as we currently own one family car ofcwhich my husband and I share, hence this makes it difficult for us during school as I normally commute our two children to school which is about a 20 minute drive from home and from the school I then travel to the heavy industrial ssite where I work which takes me a further 25 minutes and I do that trip twice a day during school. In closing thankyou for the opportunity to enter your competition.


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