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jackson liaha abwamba from Kenya message

jackson liaha abwamba from Kenya message
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To start with…the reason to why i should be chosen as awinner is that i have always liked cars from japan…becouse they are easy to maitain,spareparts are easly available and they last long onterms of giving good service to the person using.

anther reason is that in my country kenya cars from japan are highly recomended for both commercial use and private use too..lets look at rally the cars are very flexible and are highly recomended for racing which im always intrested in like in person.

if i win the car i will modify it in away that i can use it in rally since my dream is to drive in rally since i dont have asponser and i have always liked and dreamt of droving one it will help me achieve my dream if i win the car. Im looking forwad to wining the first price by participating and telling my friends to join too and participate as well.anther thing is that the consuption of the fuel in almost all japanise cars is eficient hence making the user to not strain alot hence for business itgives the user high returns interms of profits.

As i finish i arge the company to continue with the same spirit of motivating its cliants.

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