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Izabella from Armenia message

Izabella from Armenia message
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My greeting to Hana Yurimoto, greeting to Carfromjapan’s all workers. I am Izabella, I imagine how it is difficult but at the same time pleasant problem you are to read a lot of participants’ letters and choose only one or some of them. I want to say when I get to know about the competition, I got happy, as not only for the first time I got to know about your company, and all the appointments but also become one of the members of the competition. I think i have reason is my great wish to have a car. Not only a wish but an aim. The car for me is not only a vehicle but also luxury, drive, freedom and a feeling to be independent.
The other reason is that we have now one child, but wait for the second one. This means, that soon my day will be more full, more active, and the car will be my helper, friend. I think, you also understand how it is important to have not a car but a simple car for me and my children. I hope I could shortly but in detail represent my wish. Once more I am grateful to you for organizing such a competition and for such an opportunity. I will be looking forward to the competition’s results.
I feel already the further coming of my victory.

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