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ivy sadwala from Malawi message

ivy sadwala from Malawi message
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I think I should be the winner because am a lady who has no car apparently hence if I win the car I would appreciate this competition more for helping me to earn an asset that I would not afford. Japanese cars are easy to drive n affordable to purchase. they are also user friendly easy to manage and durable. Japanese cars are smart and light compared to other vehicles in terms of fuel consumption and spare parts.if I win I will lobby more people from my country to buy Japanese cars because I will be able to show them exactly what I will be telling them based on my vehicle.Japanese cars are well designed such that their interiors are dressed to make an impression.They are dependable n trustworthy in a sense that they can run some distance whenever you want to take a drive. they also have the value for money since they provide a higher performance in the class.

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