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Ivailo from Germany message

Ivailo from Germany message
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I want to introduce myself. I am Ivailo Chankov from Bulgaria. I’m 19 year old man from Bulgaria and I have very big passion for cars. First I want to say that I think Car From Japan is the best company for Japanese used cars because you fulfil people’s passions and dreams. You give to your customers everything that they need. You are really a dream company. I haven’t seen any other company that has so many cars that are so good at this low prices. And I love that you have a very big variety of cars. There are so many cars to choose from. And I want to say again that I really love your company. I think that I should win because I really need a good Japanese used car. I have a very very big passion for cars since I was very little. I love cars more than anybody I know and I love Japanese cars the most. I think that you should pick me as a winner because I really know how to take care of Japanese cars and I promote Japanese used cars to the people in my country because Japanese cars aren’t very popular here. Everyday I show to the people from my country that Japanese cars are the best and I tell them to buy used Japanese cars. Because they are fast, very reliable, very comfortable, very practical and they have lots of character and soul. Japanese cars are the best! Thank you for everything! Cheers!

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